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Use Xpresso and Motion system cut camera

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Hi all,
Is there a way to use the motion system to cut between cameras like what all the game engines have now with sequencers?

So for instance, if I have three cameras

Cam1: 0-60
Cam2: 0-90
Cam3: 0-120

If I turn each camera into a motion clip, can I use xpresso to have the motion system feed the stage object and tell it which camera is next in time, so I can just slide the camera motion clips around in the NLA and cut between them like I would video clips in a NLE?



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Do you have a simple scene file? would be easier to visualize what you need :)

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1) You can duplicate your render settings 
2) change the frame range in each in of the settings
3) assign these render settings to different renders in your render queue





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