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Animating pliers with XPressions

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@Farhod Mahmudv Just to clarify the car on the hill - the car has a null at the back of the vehicle that is aligned to the spline. The car null targets (aims at) another null on the spline at a fixed distance ahead. The target tag has pitch enabled, so it can point up + down.


The same method can be used with a truck + trailer (on level ground). In this case the 2nd null is behind the truck cab (value is subtracted), and the trailer points at the 2nd null. In this case, the target tag has pitch disabled because no up/down tilt is required, just left/right. Although a trailer does not actually follow the path of the cab in real life, you can get a reasonable trailer animation. Press play on this file -



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@Farhod Mahmudv Wow - that's a surprise. That video was originally on Vimeo, but I removed it (and some more) years ago. The videos were much too long and used an old version of C4D. There was also a few things I could have explained better. I was planning on re-recording the tutorials, but never got around to it.


Also, some guy started spamming my Vimeo account - every day there would be insults in my gmail inbox. Nowadays, my stuff isn't publically searchable - I just post the occasional video here that's only available to someone with the private link ie can't found by Google etc.


Looks like someone stole my work and is passing it off as his own - which just about sums up YouTube.


1 hour ago, Farhod Mahmudv said:

Are there any projects left?

Depends what else the guy has stolen from me....

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