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Hello and thanks for taking a look!


I have a conveyor system that I've rigged with Xpresso. Essentially, labelled containers go along a conveyor path and are rotated by rubber belts so that all labels face forward.


I use a random effector with a short falloff to randomize the rotation of the containers before they enter the rubber belts, and to correct them (to face forward) once they do enter.


What I'd like to do (as I'm trying to automate this entire thing) is to use the same falloff range (affecting the container clones) to rotate the rubber belts as well. I imagine that the falloff would read the index of each approaching clone, calculate the angle change in rotation (for example, index 45: 40-degrees to 0-degrees; index 46: 27-degrees to 0-degrees; etc.) and then map that value to drive the rotation of the belt. 


But I don't know how to do this! Any help / insight / tips would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to wrap my head around this.


I've attached a screenshot of the assembly. The clones are traveling towards the bottom left and the rotation is being corrected inside the linear falloff. The black / white tiled belt is what I'd like to drive. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 4.54.03 PM.jpg

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