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Problem with CINEVERSITY Support-SOLVED

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I’m having an unpleasant problem with CINEVERSITY Support:


I have contacted them on two occasions using the official and unique form located HERE. First time weeks ago and also for a second time, just yesterday. And no one responds to my messages. This seems to me a very bad support. Well, in fact, a non-existent support.




— On July 23 I renewed my MSA (from September 01, 2018 to August 31, 2019) with TECHLIMITS, official MAXON Distributor in Spain. They said that I will receive (from MAXON) a coupon to renew without cost my Cineversity Premium Membership. “Great!”


— When I go to my CINEVERSITY account I see that my Premium Membership will renew automatically on September 1st, 2018. And they have my Credit Card info stored in their system.


— I have contacted MAXON and they say that they will send my coupon for CINEVERSITY free-renew “along September…”


This means that CINEVERSITY will charge my Credit Card on September 1st, because I won’t receive my coupon at time to avoid that.


TECHLIMITS said that I should contact directly to CINEVERSITY to explain all this situation. And this is what I have done, through their official Contact Form. Twice. Without any kind of response (and yes: I have checked my spam folder)


As a side note: the guy at MAXON support said me that I also could try “to remove my credit card info at CINEVERSITY” or maybe “cancel premium subscription, and then it will change from Premium to Standard until I get the new coupon”


And well: it appears that neither of the above options works.


— If I go to my CINEVERSITY Membership area I can see there a “Manage Subcription” sub-area. And an “Update Payment Information” with the info for my Credit Card. And there is no way to remove that info. It only allows to substitute the old CC info with a new one. But no “Delete” button, at all.


— If I go to the “Cancel Subscription” area I read this message: “Are you sure you would like to cancel your subscription? Your subscription will remain active until the current subscription period ends, after which it will downgrade to a free account.” Once I press the “Cancel Subscription” button nothing changes at all. The info about my membership remains exactly the same (see attached image capture done AFTER Subscription cancellation):


Cristobal Vila

Account Level: Premium

Account Status: Active

Member Since: September 1st, 2017

Subscription Renews: September 1st, 2018


(To my eyes, nothing here indicates that it will be renewed in standard mode, without charging my credit card)


I really hope that someone at CINEVERSITY could read this. To the rest: any other idea about how to proceed?


And, by the way, I’m not happy at all about how all these things work. Too much convoluted and confused. And I’m not joyful neither with my Credit Card info being stored there without possibility to delete it, to be honest.


Thanks for your help (and sorry for the long post)


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Hi Cristobal,

I personally never had that problem because my Cineversity is tied to my MSA, so they don’t have my CC info on their side. I renew my MSA with Techlimits and then in early September I receive the coupon from MAXON. 

But definitely I don’t agree about keeping your CC information stored unless you specifically chose to do so. 

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Hi PBarrelas!


Thanks for your feedbak :-)


I also have my Cineversity Premium Account “tied” to my MSA. But not as an “automatic thing”.


On august 2017 Techlimits offered me this MSA (which I paid using Bank Transfer) and they said that I would receive a coupon from MAXON to get a free Cineversity Premium Account


I received that coupon from MAXON on September 1, 2017.


And once I introduced that coupon in the Cineversity system, they (Cineversity) ask me to introduce my Credit Card info for further renew. And, 1 year ago, that does not seemed to me like an “optional thing”. It seemed more like an mandatory step. And I did so.


Now, 1 year later, I have paid again my MSA renew to Techlimits, and both Techlimits & MAXON says that I will receive my coupon for Cineversity (from MAXON) ALONG September.


But on Cineversity I see that “automatic renew” is planned for September 1st (!?!?!?)


And now I’m here, in the middle of this MAXON / TECHLIMITS / CINEVERSITY nosense situation…


All this could be easily addressed, I suppose, if Cineversity would RESPOND to my messages. But that is NOT the case, unfortunately :-(

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Just a quick note to confirm that I finally have been contacted by Cineversity, through Facebook Messenger.

I finally got an email to directly contact with a person at MAXON.net and they are in charge on this issue.


Thanks for your help, guys! :-)

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