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Hey all -


I just upgraded to C4D R19 Broadcast. I keep trying to save out an .aec file, but it appears as a white blank page. When I try to import it into after effects, nothing happens. My after effects is able to import any other .aec. I tried saving out different .aec files from different projects new and old on R19 and they're all coming out the same. Does anyone have any idea why this is?


Thank you,

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 12.45.51 PM.png

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From the new Cinema 4D R19 folder, locate the following file C4DImporter.zip (Or just search your system), unzip it and copy it to you After Effects Plugins folder.


On a mac its located in Applications/MAXON/Cinema 4D R19/Exchange Plugins/After Effects/Importer/OSX/CS_CC/

Not sure about the location on Windows, but a search will show you where it is. Be sure to unzip and copy to you AE Plugins folder. 

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Try importing the .c4d file in Ae and with the .c4d file selected in the project window drag it to the new composition icon at the bottom of the project window. A new dialogue will open in the project window, click the Extract button at the bottom of the dialogue window, and your cameras, bulls etc will become visible in the Ae timeline.

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