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R20: Install / Setup Questions Thread

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So a couple odd behaviors I don't recall seeing before. Normally when I receive a download link for a new installer, I run that, use the temporary serial number, register with MAXON and wait for the new permanent serial. When I get that I "Personalize" the app and the "Unregistered License" thing goes away thereafter. However after following this with R20, it goes away but then on each successive launch it comes back. Also I cannot seem to permanently allow C4D to access Network Connections, it asks every time I launch. Do you guys also "re-register" after receiving your permanent password? Shouldn't be necessary but maybe I'm missing something.


Another strange thing is I had R19 going fine including registered and not constantly relaunching as unregistered and asking for network permissions, and weirdly the only difference: the installer did not put it in the main macOS Applications folder but the user Applications folder. I've never see a MAXON installer put the app in the user applications folder.


Has anything changed WRT the default recommended install location from MAXON or registration process? Any reason to think R19 install and R20 are conflicting / maybe sharing preferences or something? Doesn't look like it to me / everything seems to be in its place.

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