Hi folks  :)   I am happy to announce this exclusive training which covers new and fantastic Node based system inside CINEMA 4D. As usual we start from the ground up, covering the basics, remove any fear from using nodes, demystify complete process, show essential skills needed and progress to very end where we build very complex materials. This training concludes everything to make you 100% proficient in node system and even includes asset creation. Training also shows how to use Node system outside of shading context with usage of objects. Nodes raise shading and rendering in CINEMA 4D to completely new level.   I am sure that you will absolutely love this one :)       Lesson outline:   01_What_how_why 02_Datatypes 03_Simple_materials 04_ Soap_Bubble 05_Alpha_mask_logo 06_Xray 07_Wire 08_Hazard_symbol 09_Procedural_Blur 10_Decal 11_Candle_flame 12_Rusted_paint 13_Animated_shader 14_Asset_creation   Duration: 3 hours   Grab it from the store here   https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/store/product/19-introduction-to-r20-nodes/