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Render to texture plugin for Cinema 4D


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Hi there,


I made a plugin that mimics a render to texture kind of process.
it's not perfect, but the results are good enough to quickly fix any mistakes by hand with a clone tool. 
It works with both standard an physical.
Better at organic shapes then hard surface ones. For me it's good enough to use on a professional level. 
Videos can be watched here:


Instagram post


Let me know what you think of it, bear in mind it's my first ever plugin.
Have done a lot of online research, in the SDK, on plugincafe, and here on c4d cafe!


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Glad you like it!

It's a bit technical.
Every normal of the “boundary” has to look at your mesh, The problem with hard surface is that with very tight corners the “boundary” looks at itself before hitting the mesh. Resulting in a black area. (the corner)
It's doable depending on the shape. Some shapes are too much work to clean up with the clone tool and are probably better off using other methods.

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Here the a result review from the video.


You can see that around the edges there are some weird lines that need to be cleaned up.
Inside / around the dotted lines.
"For this I use the clone tool in body paint"


Btw: There is more then one video in the post, showing Ambient Occlusion and Normal map baking as well.


(The first image is just the view port, not a render output)

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