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Cineversity Live stream September 11th

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Cineversity Live stream September 11th 2018

Tuesday September 11th, 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific), I'll be live online  for an hour or two, to show off some Cinema 4D R20 tips and tricks, and answer user questions.
Tune in on Cineversity YT channel:


Feel free to ask questions here and maybe I'll cover some of them…

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Look forward to watching this later on.  I have a question.


Being that fields are now replacing standard falloffs and have significantly more abilities, can you show how one would use fields for helping, or enhancing deformation when animating, or used within the muscle system.  I would imagine it would be helpful for  pose (position )correction for instance when a shoulder moves into a field the front Deltoid shows a correctional form, rather than PSD morphs which I assume works more off the basis or rotational correction.  It would also be good if fields could be used with PSD morphs for that little extra control maybe?


Maybe it would help with the tention tag for facial deformation or to grow hair using fields instead of standard selection sets?


Thanks, Dan

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Sounds good. Some input on how much time/knowledge is needed or how involved it is to convert materials to the new node system, and whether these materials need to be further modified for e.g. ProRender.  Also, would be helpful to know whether the new material structure is a step toward learning and using a third-party GPU renderer?

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