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Cubic Spline Not Distort All Points?

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I am trying to use a Spline with the Type set to Cubic to deform my mesh and adjusting one point affects the entire Spline. This causes a part of my mesh to dip down. 

Cinema 4D Cubic


When I do this in Maya using a Cubic NURBS Curve's Control Vertex (instead of a Point), the curve has a falloff and the interpolation stops at the Curve's midpoint.

Maya Cubic - Control Vertex Edited


Is there a way to get this behavior in Cinema 4D? It is MUCH preferred for my rig.

Thank you!

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I think B-Spline is actually what you want. That I believe is more in line with Maya's Cubic Spline. If I recall correctly, Cinema's Cubic spline is a bit more like Maya's EP Curves, where the curve always draws through each point.

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  • Bret! Man, your Character templates, weighting tutorials, and scripts have been crucial in getting me off the ground in my project.


    Honestly, I don't know how anyone would do Character Animation in Cinema 4D without your work to guide them. Thank you!


    And I found the exact same thing with the B-Splines. That's what I'm using.

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