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Add extra lines to a selected part

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I'm wondering if there is any way to add new lines like he does in this video (have attached a timestamp for the youtube video). 


I'm working on modeling a camera lens and I need to add extra lines for the subdivision. But I don't know how to add extra lines to the selected part. 


And I was wondering if there is any way in C4D to do this similar to the one in the youtube video? 



Thank you!


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You could just use the 'loop/path cut' tool to keep adding in one loop at a time next to the edges you want to tighten up,

 but if you want perfect symmetry the best method I know is to use the' loop/path cut tool' and then the 'bevel tool'.


You can start with the loop/path cut tool to add a loop (hold shift to snap to 50%).

Once you've added the loop hit U~L to switch to loop selection mode, select it and use the bevel tool to split the loop into two and drag the two new loopes out toward the other respective edges.


There may be a better way.  I'm pretty new to C4D myself

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For me it looks like Edge Cut.

 - select Ring Selection (U~B)  //selecting edges for cutting

 - select Edge Cut command (M~F) , disable "Create N-Gons" option , leftclick and hold and drag horizontally in viewport until you get 2 cut lines 

 - when you get 2 cut lines, with still holding left mouse button press Shift and drag horizontally for "scaling" edge cuts. //interactive way, could be also used entering values manually in Attribute Manager


Similar results you get in polygon mode with Extrude inner command.

 - select loop of polygons (U~L)

 - select Extrude Inner command (I)

 - increase Maximum Angle over 90 degrees (important) and with click and drag horizontally in viewport and adjust "value" of extrusion (polygon loop will be "welded" by side due maximum angle value and scale only in one axis)


There are few other options (dependent on needs) for cutting edges. For single cuts could be used knife in every mode, connect command, slide edge in clone mode for instance...

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