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cj bravo


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trying to apply an alpha image to sphere.


did one side successfully with shrink wrapping but other side did not work.

Tried "both sides" and "front/back".


I used the exact same settings...




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I think all you need is adjust axis of texture. If both textures are restricted to polyselections, only you need on second texture swith to Texture mode and Enable axis and rotate axis of texture where needed...

something like in this example




Shrink wrapping projection "wrap" texture over North pole and weld borders in South pole. If you rotate texture axis around X or Z, you get North pole on the South pole etc...

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  • cool, looks good!

    btw its seems that when I do shrink wrap it comes out flipped (horizontal) any ideas why?  i've phtshped it mirrored so it would work but it seems strange..


    and...   how would you do this kind of texture (the weird billiard ball) .   I got into some problems so eventually I used a base texture (the orange strip) and then applied another alpha texture ( the "pole" numbers).


    is there a better way?   I had some trouble with aligning the whole thing to a sphere shape.





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