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cj bravo

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Hey there,


I've done an animated object but I want to change the axis rotation of the object without affecting the existing timeline.


is that possible?


I've tried changing the axis with world or relative...





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It's hard to tell without a test file, or knowing what you're animating (figure? object? complicated? simple?), but most likely, no.  Animated properties such as Position, Scale, or Rotation (PSR) is oriented on the object's axis.  Changing the axis would result in altering the animation.


One possible solution would be to create a null object, and set a keyframe in all  PSR properties you have animated.  In the timeline, copy the keyframes from the original object, and paste them to the null object (this copy/paste is done in the timeline's Edit menu).  Now delete the keyframes from the original object, put the original object as a child of the null that just received the pasted keyframes.  From there, you'll have the ability to adjust the original object's axis, tweak its position, etc. 


See the attached c4d file.


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On 9/17/2018 at 6:14 PM, westbam said:

Just did a quick test with a rotating cube, if you are in Animation mode (button top left, click the Arrow for model mode to see it) I could change the Axis with Mesh -> Axis center.



the potential issue with doing that is if your cube's position is animated, the cube's axis will still remain animated in that location, but the actual cube's location may differ.


See attached: the axis of both cubes are animated in the same location, but the cube's are in different places.


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