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Cant get my glass to light?


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Hi all


Having what I can only describe as a really odd one. Got a scene with a simple glass bottle being part lit by a sky object. When I add simple lights to give it some slight light in other areas its not showing up at all. scratching my head big time here as can't seem to work out why. My guess is its something very simple so hopefully someone will you t me to the error of my ways.


Scene and screen shot attached.








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hey i took a look but i don't understand very well what you mean, all lights are working correctly in the scene. When using a pot light try to texture it with a HDR spotlight it gives amazing results. Find a HDR picture of a spot light and plug in into the texture of the light, you can do the same for the soft panels, render times do go up but lighting its much more realistic, other than that i would say build light with reflectors and texture those too.

Also the scene scale its wrong, for lights and rendering to behave correctly you need to work at real world scale, i think you bottle its about 7 m high now this will put off the realism right away. 

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Thanks kitefly


Yeah my scene scale is way off. What I meant was that I can't see the light having any effect on the glass itself. When you look at the screen shot you'll see I deliberately turned the lights right up so it bleaches out the floor but I'm not seeing anything in the glass reflection or otherwise. Ill try reducing my scene scale settings and see how that behaves.

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im pretty sure the regular spot light wont shot up as you want in the reflection without a texture or reflective material, in this is a still and your looking for a realistic result you might want to think of using a PBR workflow instead of regular lights, build then  light itself and texture it like a real bulb results are always best, you can refer to pavel zoch Semi unbiased rendering tutorials for c4d cheers


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I think the key you're missing is to use Area lights instead of Spot or Point.  Make sure you check "show in reflection" under Details for the area light.  And yes, adding an HDR texture to the area light will make for more realistic reflections.

One more thing- I noticed your absorption color in your glass material was VERY dark.  I little bit goes a long way with absorption.  I have it set to a very light gray here.


show in reflection.JPG


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