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Baking Normal Maps: High Poly > Low Poly


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So right now I am trying to learn about Normal Maps and creating them inside Cinema 4D and came across this short video tutorial.


To sum it up in case you don't want to watch it, he is demonstrating how to bake a high poly object normal map on to a low poly object without having to UV both of them to be perfectly the same. Only the Low is UV'd. He proceeds to prove that only the Low is UV mapped while the high poly is in it's original messy state, and then bakes it. The specific function is found within the bake tag in the 'Normal' option as 'Ray Casting'. Time stamp is 3:24.


So, my question is this: What version of Cinema 4D (I cant tell what he's using) was it first introduced? Is there any chance that it does happen to be in R17 (mine) and is just located somewhere else that I need to be looking in order to use it?


I know it's probably not likely something that was around in R17, I'd just like to get some more concrete info on it and make sure. And then maybe some direction on where I should look for how to be baking normal maps with my version of Cinema.


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I think, you are looking for Bake Sculpt Object, this has RayCasting under the settings tabs.


So, go to Sculpt>>> Bake Sculpt Object

Or go to Window>>Customization>>Customize command.... Here type "Bake Sculpt Object".

I hope this helps


Good Luck

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