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A note on Reflectiveness in Corona...


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Hey guys,

Just thought I'd pass along a hard-won lesson I've discovered,  using Corona for C4D Beta.    It's this:   You won't get the surface Material effects you're looking for if you plug in real-world indices of refraction to your Diffuse and Reflective channels.    Real-world values just won't give you the shine,  reflection of environment,   and "pop" you need for most renderings.  Especially on things like metal,  glass,  gemstones,  shiny plastics,   polished wood,  bodies of water   and things that should "pop" like eye corneas and lipstick on human figures.

No,  you have to dial your Materials'  IOR values way beyond what you might suspect would be normal.    To get a convincing shiny metal or car paintflake layer---   what might be IOR 2.0 in the real world,  at the most---   you must dial in at least 15 IOR and even much,  much more...  like 30,   40,   50 IOR.     To get a "mirror" texture....  like,  a real world mirror....   the manual advises you to crank up your IOR to 999 !!!

So,  IOR values in Corona are merely "rules-of-thumb",  haha,  even if you imagine yourself to be using PBR standards.   May this save you some time and experimentation if you're working in Corona.   One of those artistic situations in which you must "cheat" in order to get a dramatic effect.


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On 9/23/2018 at 2:42 PM, kitefly said:

no way, so a metal with correct Ior in corona is not physically accurate 

Exactly.  To get a shiny metal,  you have to dial the IOR to at least 30,   preferably much more.

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