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Architectural interior


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Looks like a model apt staged to sell, but the only tiny crit I'll throw out there since you're looking for realism, is the outside scenery. Unless you do some camera tricks or Photoshop, I would expect the outside much brighter, almost blown out.


What render engine did you use? Your profile show R13.

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Nice. Might shift the camera down (Film Offset Y) a bit to keep the perspective while reducing how much ceiling is shown in the foreground. I agree that it is a bit sterile. Last, the coffee table glass reflection seems too soft.

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over all, very good.  I have two observations and they are nit picky: the center light on right side is not in line with other two, being OCD, that bugs me and the second is the tiles on floor, usually they are not in a line, they are off set from each other. 

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Mediocre arch viz. Lighting is too overblown. Needs to improve lighting, sun light is bad, shadows are missing. Color palette and materials design are very plain.

Camera position is too high because ceiling does not needs to be shown that much.

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I think it looks awesome! I agree that you should work on adding micro detail to give it a more realistic texture. I also agree maybe bringing your camera down a bit to get a bit more of the floor and lose some of the ceiling.


A friend of mine told me about this amazing Archviz guy (I can't remember who he is...I'll try to find him) he overexposes the windows to try and give it a hint of realism. Lowers the contrast. I tried to emulate that. I just quickly rendered this out..it's faaaar from perfect....but you'll see what I mean about the windows.


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