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Reproduce same illumination

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Hello, i´d like to reproduce that type of illumination and texture (just one color).

I´m using the last plugins GSG HDRI Studio Rig plugins and a physical render with global illumination settings.

But i don´t succeed to reproduce the same clean illumination.

Any advice please?

Thanks a lot

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-27 at 14.59.09.jpeg

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Start by studying the shadows in the image.  See which direction they are pointing- that will indicate where the brightest light source (key light) is.  See my screenshot where I increased the contrast and drew lines pointing towards the light.  I made the yellow lines by finding the end of the shadow and drawing a line from that to the edge of the jar lid.  They indicate that the light is fairly high above the set.  The red lines are just the direction of where the shadow is pointing on the ground and indicate that the light is fairly close on the left side of frame.  If you look at the reflection in the front left jar, you'll notice you don't see much of a white highlight on the top of the glass like you do on the pepper jar.  This, combined with our lines, shows us that the light must be somewhat behind the jars in Z space.  And of course, since the shadows are somewhat soft, this key light must have been a small to medium-sized soft box.

Now that we know where the key is, you'll notice that the blue floor (actually it could be a cyc wall, where the floor curves into the wall) is VERY evenly lit.  I'm sure there was some Photoshop involved here, but also there must have been a very large bounce (white card).  Actually, if you look carefully at the reflections on the lemon jar, you'll see a bunch of faint light rectangles.  I'm guessing they formed almost a 180 degree perimeter of white cards around the front of this table.


For rendering this, try to set up your lights just like they did and create a cyc wall.  A 360 HDRI of a dark room or studio would be a great base.  Then you will need GI to get a realistic result.

Shadow Study.png

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  • Thanks a lot natevplas!!!

    What a great explanation!!

    I thought that with a HDRI and GI i could reproduce the scene but maybe you´re right, i need some extra lights to make the shadows.

    By the way, i don´t need the jars, just want the box and floor scene, light a studio.

    Thanks and have a good day




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    You're welcome!  Hopefully it gives you tools to use in the future when analyzing someone else's lighting.  Reflective objects usually tell you the most about lighting placement, which is why I used the jars so much to figure it out.  Now you can put whatever you want in your scene and get a similar look.

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