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Beer foam shader IDEAS


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Hello gang today i need your support. 


Im doing this project and i've been testing shading this dang foam with 4 methods but no realistic success. I get to  a snow look  but no foam. 

See the problem its i think i'm lacking the bubble structure itself with need a thin layer and transmission to see the bubbles, also bubble vary in size in a circle packing structure. I don'e need to get that far. But i would love to. 


so here are my approaches so far to see if anyone can enlighten me with a missing link method here.


first i tried rendering a a regular shader, adding transmission, SSS and displacement. - this result come on plastic and lacking the structures of the bubbles

I have it a shot with Krakatoa, result are good, very very dense foam and i can repopulate the mesh with even more, but i cant shade  it further and i cant get the structures. 

This i tried rendering particles and spheres on render time. Looks ok, i can apply a regular shader but now i don't have the foam dense look, and all the particles and the same radius so its looks like i've just clones spheres onto the foam geo. 

3 try, Arnold volume mesh current render you see, its volumetric and looks dense, i like the SSS volume provides and overall the results and 80% id say. BUT 

How do i get those structures ? what about the shiny coat on the bubbles. i'm struggling with this. 


Im specially frustrated after seeing this 



That my goal, i don't need engine specific steps just IDEAS PLS. I need to finish this !!!!







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That example is really impressive!  I can see why you're frustrated when you know that is possible.  I found someone on Behance that replicated it in C4D with Arnold.  In the comments he/she says this: 

The basic setup is pretty simple. Duplicated geometry, one with displacement facing inwards, the other one with displacement facing outwards.

Now, that sounds simple, but obviously you have to create the textures that drive that displacement.  I thought about it a bit, and I think I got off to a decent start.  I basically just cloned some spheres onto a plane with a Random effector, rendered out a depth pass of that, and piped that into the displacement channel of a material.  I applied it to two planes, one with its normals inverted.  It makes for some convincing bubbles!  Now you just need to layer this with other noises and/or smaller sphere depth passes.  Be sure to create a matte for your big spheres so they don't get bumpy when you overlay other layers in the displacement map.

Beer Foam.zip

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hey man thanks for the follow, so i liked your idea for the bubbles but the foam from the example i showed you just obsessed me. So i wen at it with volumes, again this time i did the flipped normals trick i didn't know that so thanks.  

Its looking very promising but render times are hell. 


 i will leave a good render with high res setting for a test tonight so we'll see tomorrow. 

here is how its going , sorry for the noise. tomorrow will have a cool image 



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