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Node based materials repository

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Hi folks :)


Some of you asked for Node based Shaders library so here we will make a topic so everyone can post shaders/asset for everyone to use. I will start by Simple ZigZag shader. Please feel free to add your own custom shaders!


File contains a procedural ZigZag shader with changeable colors, height, repetitions and interpolation.





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Thanks so much,  hsrdelic!!     Yes,  I think the best way for me to understand node-based materials....   would be  to dissect some well-made,  sophisticated ones.     I see this ZigZag node-based shader of yours is more complicated than it appears at first!

I swear I still don't understand this whole  "vector/float" thing,  though...     Would very much love to see a discussion of these parameters somewhere,   in a written or video tutorial...   What they intellectually mean is not enough;   I need to see them in practical action.

Thanks,  ras

P.S.   Is that your little girl?  She's adorable!

P.P.S.  One thing's sure:   These R20 Nodes represent a huge C4D innovation...   and I suspect it will prove to be a "Rubicon" of sorts...   a "line in the sand"... dramatically separating C4D users into those who can implement it and understand it....     and those who cannot.


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Due to very popular demand, here is a puppy shader asset (for any random value of puppy that is)

The asset is stored within the scene, you can copy it to an own database, or the preferences database, by selecting it in the asset area, right clicking and choosing copy asset.

The asset was build using only a circle shape and manipulation of its projection.


Puppy 01.c4d

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Excellent, learned so much from examples!





You guys are really good at this. If requests are still taken into consideration I would like know how to clone shapes? say I wanna have small circle followed by small rectangle in a grid?


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