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How to make extrusion wrap around bottle

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How to achieve this extrusion wrap around plastic bottle? I''m really stuck, tried different methods but couldn't make it. Any suggestions? 


bottle wrap.jpg

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Can you clarify what you mean?  Do you need this design to be part of the bottle model, or just a separate piece wrapped around the bottle geometry?

I'll assume you need it to be part of the bottle mesh.  Are you still on R16?  If you don't have R20 yet, maybe now is the time.  You could probably do this fairly easy with new volume mesher.

Another method would be to model your bottle without the extrusion, then use a displacement map to bump it out in those areas.  Might work quite nicely as well.  Of course, the proper way to do it would be hand-modeling the shape and making sure you keep it all quads, etc.  You could try modeling it on a flat plane, then using the Bend deformer to wrap it into a cylinder.

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