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Continual loop using particle emitter

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Hi guys,


I want to create a never ending video loop of capsules falling for a holding video that will be projected onto a screen for an event. Like a live wallpaper almost.


I'll be using a particle emitter to generate the falling capsules and Just wondering if there is a way of doing a continous loop in C4D? 


I've tried doing this in post but the overlays on the loop transition aren't realistic enough. The capsules are reflective and each looped clip doesn;t show the correct reflectance on the looped clips so figure to pull this off, I'd need to ensure the particals are generated as a continual loop effect.


Any advice would be appreciated.


Thanks :)

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I wanted to post an Xpresso less way, just set up 1 section you want to loop, and clone that 3 times, than move everything down exactly the same distance as you cloned the 3 sections.


But this tutorial is soo freaking clean I am not even going to bother.



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