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Making multiple objects appear

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Hope someone can help me on a quick way to do this..

I have lots of little 'houses' dotted about a map. As the camera moves across the map the houses populate the map. The only way I  know is to use the display tage and key opacity from 0 to 100% for each house and then fiddle in timeline so they appear when I want. But with a hundred or more objects that feels like a long way to do it. 


Is there a boolean style method where I could have a sphere effector that grows and when it intersects a house, the house appears? So it means I'm just animating one global object that controls the spread of the houses. Then I can play with just camera and that controlling object.


Thanks for any advice.

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 12.00.00.png

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Yes! Thank you. ::): One thing though is the use of the mograph cloner - Not sure if you used that to quickly set it up or if you have to use that? I want to put my buildings in specific spots and not randomly. Can I still do that with mograph?

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You can use the Cloner set to Object and place many houses on your map. Enough to cover all the areas you need. Then use the Mograph Selection brush to only show houses where you want them. From there you can use the setup @HSrdelic gave you, or try using a Plain Effector (Linear falloff) set up so the Y position is below your map. Make your Effector a child of your camera and scale it so it's in front of the camera. Now as your camera moves across the map, the houses will pop up as you fly over. Make sense?


You can also make your map surface with enough polygons to cover the areas you need in detail, and select all the polys that suit your needs. Save Selection tag. You can use that Tag in Mograph to restrict your clones to specific areas. You can also do this effect using a black-and-white image from Photoshop and use the Shader Effector I think. 


Here's an example I made. Good luck.


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