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How best to model this type of cutout ?

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I'm trying to model something sort of similar to a Nerf Gun, and I need to figure out how best to model the sort of "cutouts" that appear on it.

The arrows in my pic show the sort of thing I want to do, although Ideally, imagine the gun having one of those screw-off pieces in the handle where batteries go, so the cut out piece would be on the handle, but need to mimic the handle's curved shape. 


So I'm guessing there's some way to project a curve along the surface, and then cut out the piece, then somehow bevel the edges slightly on both sides of the hole to give it that look?


Thanks for any help.



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There are many ways to create this and I have done none of them, but I have read and seen others do it. The Sculpting tools can add details like this. Some careful knife cuts and the Extrude tool to slightly recess certain areas. There is a Project Spline tool if you have an irregular model surface, it let's you send that spline onto the surface and make cuts for you. Imagine a slide projector.


I imagine most good modellers would prefer to get the polygon flow in anticipation of details like that. Character modelers usually start with the polygons around the mouth and eyes and work from there. I'm sure others will chime in. Good luck.

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