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Multiple Sticky Textures

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Hi Everyone


I'm reaching out for help again!


What i want to achieve:


I have a cloner grid of cubes, i want one image displayed across all the front face of the cubes, when a plain effector turns the cube 180degrees, I want a second image which is displayed across the back faces of the cubes to rotate into view. I then want the cube to turn on a ridged bodies and tumble to the floor.


I have got the texture to stick on the front and the back thanks to various tutorials online, however, when the cubes rotate to show the back image, as you can imagine, that image has now been re-arranged. I thought i could have scrubbed on the timeline to where the back faced are rotated to the front and then re-generated the UVW's through the camera mapping technique but it doesn't like it, maybe because is it on the cloner object? 


Any ideas?


Stripped out file attached.





Cafe Sticky Textures.c4d

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