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hi guys, i have a dynamics setup. i want these cylinders to react with each other i.e. bounce off each other a little bit whilst floating in this space, if you look at the scene file, even though they have a dynamics tag, they just seem to fall though each other, i have them set to static mesh as that is the only collision shape that seems to hold them in place


i have also tried methods using zero gravity so i can change the collision shape but then i have all the rotation issues when i tweak angular and positional damping.


does anyone have any thoughts? thanks


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Here's some ideas for you. I turned off gravity and added a horizontal gravity object to push the cylinders onto the plane. Cylinders move using turbulence with damping set high to avoid spinning. There's a vibrating edge for rebound. If you randomize the start positions, make sure there's no intersecting objects - causes 'explosions'.



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