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Ragdoll physics from Mixamo rig

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Hi there, 


I've been trying to find a solution for making a ragdoll rig from a character model rigged by mixamo. All I have been able to find are tutorials showing how to rig the built in mannequin, and these do not adequetly take account of orientation and the angular limit becomes extremely confusing and is often seemingly inverted or doesn't accurately display how it is actually effecting the movement of the collision objects. 


In my current set up I have made collision geomettry for all the bones and have connected them together with dynamic connectors as explained in the 2-3 tutorials on the subject available. Then I have created PSR tags on the bones of the mixamo rig and parented them to the collision geomettry. The result is semi-passable but the tools c4d has for this are clearly not designed to cope with a full body rig, or i'm going about it really wrong, because arms, legs and necks are twisting all over the place in horribly unrealistic ways. Unity has a beautifully simple tool for this where you simply drag the bones from the rig into corresponding slots and in generates a perfectly set up ragdoll asset, I was wondering if there are any alternative techniques or programs I could use to achieve a more realistic result. Ideally any solutions would result in an asset that I can bring back into cinema to throw around and render, as I have the lighting and environmental dynamics the way they need to be and would like to avoid having to try and replicate that in another program. 


Any help much appreciated, 


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I cant say Iv had need for this, but with the constraints settings on certain axis are not turned on it should not let that axis to limit the direction in which it rotates.  Also what type of connectors are you using, a ball connector will flip all over the place, a hinge wont.  Being as C4D has a dedicated rag doll connector with a angle limit I cant see how your going to get better that what this produces.


Iv only seen rather floppy unrealistic alternatives by using the mesh deformer with softbody thats about it.



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Thanks for your response Dan. I'm using a mixture of ragdoll and hinges as reccomended in the 2 tutorials on rigging the built-n mannequin, but the angle limit is hard to understand and the limbs on the skinned mesh keep twisting too much and joints are often bending both ways even when I have specified a limit. I'm going to have a look at autodesk motionbuilder and see if I can make something in that which I can bake out and render in c4d... shame to have to leave c4d as usually it has everything one needs but I guess no program can be perfect . Thanks for your help.

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