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IKMax Character rigging plugin C4D

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Hi guys.


A new plugin is coming this month called IKMax.  Its a auto rigging plugin that looks to work much like Mixamo meaning its super easy. If C4D gets the same features as the Max version It has the advantage of shrink wrapping clothes, attaching objects and accessories, and import/export of Mocap.  Its costs looks to be very cheap indeed, very welcome for non Studio owners.





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That looks like simple heat map skinning with  delta mush functionality or some simple smoothing applied. Both are implemented for years in other apps but not in C4d....what a suprise. Delta mush at least is there as a plugin for c4d users.


Edit: wow only 29 Dollar? Basically a must have. Waaay to cheap.

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First test:

- Very fast and easy workflow for basic rigging

- The plugin uses the internal algorithms from C4D for skinning so there is no heat map skinning coming with it just the normal C4D features

- The skinning therefore result in mediocre weights that is why they do not show shoulder movement for example in the presentation.

- Tip: When selecting the placement vertices on the mesh use the loop tool for fingers etc. since the plugin places into the middle of selection. If you only select on one side placement will be off.



It is a quite simple workflow plugin and nice helper for people with no rigging experience for a very quick rig. But joint weights have to be manually adjusted to get better results like always with auto skinning.

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