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XYZ World-Space Noise for a Texture

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So here's the over-arching goal: I am working on a burn effect reveal -- a roughened edge mask reveal across a surface. 

Plenty of examples out there of how to do this using an animated gradient, but -- difference being that all of the examples are created with a simple or flat object, but my object is rather complex and organic. -- which creates either lots of stretching or hard-lined edges with any kind of projection in UVW space. 

How can I reference XYZ space for noise? Is this possible? 

I'm just kind of blanking on how I can get a nice burn edge/reveal using world-space XYZ coordinates instead of UVW projection. 


Thanks in advance for any insight!

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try using 3D - Spherical gradient.  This uses as a spherical gradient in world space.  You can set the world  space in the corresponding Start coordinates.


Alternatively, you could try using a Proximal inside of a Distort Shader.

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You could also use Linear 3D gradient. The problem with that method is that it's hard to animate those start and end points using just numerical values. But you could create two Nulls, connect those gradient inputs to those Nulls by Xpresso, and now you get nice visual interface in the viewport. Animate those Nulls and start and end position of the gradient will follow.




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