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First post new user here :-)

I'm looking for professionel video tutoring for cinema 4D version 20 on German or English for motion graphics & TV station work. Any recommendation?


Thank you

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If you want to learn some technics on some projects, maybe try hellolux or greyscalegorilla...




other sources for learning, fxphd, linda,udemy...





If you want to learn deeply about new features R20, you could check Hrvoje´s tutorials here on c4dcafe...



There is also a lot of free tutorials over net...


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hehe, if we are pluggin ourselves: https://ace5studios.com/tutorials

but also depends on what kind of stuff you are looking for. 


fxphd are great, and with their monthly subscription, they feel much more affordable: https://www.fxphd.com/


https://lesterbanks.com/category/cinema4d/ is also a great source of all kinds of tutorials. 



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