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Multi Projection Material

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I put a lot of effort into an Eye Rig based on Projection.

The base is a Disc with three matials and three and there alpha masks

1. Eye white with brushed alpha Border

2. Iris Blue with brushed Border

3. inner Eye Black with brushed alpha Border

4. Some Expresso to control it via Procection offset and length


It works fine but I have no Idea how to solve my last problem:

The white eye alpha border has to cut the Iris and the Pupil Part as well.


1. Approach:

Cut the Iris and the pupil with a multi-Alpha Material with multi Projection (no Idea how to do this)


2. Approach:

Create a material for the outer brushed Border which is cutting down all materials below (no Idea how to do this)


3 Approach:

Render the eyes seperatly from the body 2 Times. One with the the materals Color and one with a black and white mask for later Compositing (this is really ugly circuitous)


Has anybody a good Idea how to cut the Brush-Alpha into the other Parts of the eye



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The only way I know to blend the alpha channels of multiple mats is to tick the 'Mix Textures' option found on the material tag attributes. However, this also forces C4D to treat a material as additive to the material below it, which means that the white will be added to the blue iris making it render as a lighter tint.


I was inspired by this interesting approach to eye animation, so I decided to play around a bit. I've built a material using Layers and the Projector shader, which gives projection properties within the shader. You will see in the file that there are two projector layers, but you can probably wire both into one controller so you can control both the pupil and iris movement simultaneously with your Xpresso, then maybe another controller for just the pupil projector for sizing if you wanted to get that deep.


Annoyingly, the two projector layers render smaller than the viewport preview.  Not sure why that is, but I found that changing the projection properties on the material tag itself only affects the white background portion of the material, so you will have to play around between the tag and the projector shaders to get the iris to be proportional to the white.




Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 5.26.59 PM.png

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