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X-Particles Public Release out now!

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We told you November 1st – Surprise! The Latest Release of X-Particles is OUT NOW!

Our latest release of X-Particles is OUT NOW! It’s entirely FREE for customers with up to date maintenance – even better you don’t have to do a thing – the update will happen automatically. Find out more here https://www.insydium.ltd/products/x-particles/whats-new/new-features/

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Recently I was going way more into xparticles than I had ever done in the past.  The amount of things that could be done with xparticles and cycles was blowing my mind a little.  Now we get this huge update with Volume Modeling and 3x faster simulations in many cases.


My favorite feature is the cloth is working now.  I guess it's a side effect of the new particle collision helping to keep the cloth from going through geometry, but it's incredible.  It's so fast too.  I haven't fully tested the speed, but it could be up there with Marvelous Designer.  Absolutely fantastic work!


There is one bug I found which is the VDB mesher makes the whole scene run way slower even if the particle emitters are not put as one of the sources under the VDB mesher.

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