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Cloning into the distance...

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Hi all, 


Relative beginner here, with hopefully an easy problem to fix with the help of a veteran...


I'm making a simple straight train track, with a train on it. I've used long thin cubes for the actual rails, plus 500+ linear-cloned cuboids for the sleepers. Since it's a straight track, from some camera angles you can see loads of them in the background, stretching into practically infinity... which kills the render for the frames when you can see them. I don't really care what they look like once they're a hundred metres or so away, so am wondering if there's a way to make this more efficient. There still needs to be something there, but not with detailed textures, lines etc - and since the camera moves along the rails I can't easily swap in lower-complexity clones further along the line.


On top of that I'm using Sketch and Toon to outline everything.


I know I can affect the S&T lines with a 'distance' modifier, which might make them easier to process, (?) but do you any other tips? I've tried 'Connect objects and delete' and also 'Current state to object' and both bring other problems (eg losing sketch style tags) without speeding up render much, so am at a loss...


Thanks in advance,






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Perhaps the LOD object would be useful here. It allows you to automatically switch to medium and low-poly versions of an object based on distance to camera. For example, you could switch the cuboids into flat planes with no texture.


Check out this quick vid: https://lesterbanks.com/2017/12/lod-object-cloner-c4d/

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