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Marvellous Designer 8 is out

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Hi all


For thoes of you who use Marvelouse Designer in your pipeline with C4D a new version is out, and this one is in my opinion the biggie one.  When I first got MD it didnt feel like a tool designed for traditional 3d artists in the way its workflow was too directed at the clothing designer, it was mainly about 2D pattern making at its core which I hated.  I expected to be able to sew my designed in the 3d view port, but it just wasn't there yet, but now it is.  Full 3D sewing is finally here.  Talk about speeding things up.


Next issue was triangulated meshes.  Yes they do simulate well, but they are not ideal if you like to keep a quad workflow, now it has a quad remesher, and it looks sweet even at its beta stages in this release.   


MD always worked at its best when working with Zbrush for that extra detail from sculpting, now MD has its own sculpting tools, how cool is that.


Making garments was one thing, but getting them in the correct place to simulate around the character was not a easy task.  There where methods put in place to place markers around the body, so that parts of the pattern could snap to these areas but that took too long to set up so I just kept moving, rotating each part till it was in place, that too can take some time.  Now the markers are automatic, this will speed things up a great deal.


Also now zips, buttons and other accessories can play their roll in effecting the simulation by adding weight to them, nice addition.  In the last update smooth imported meshes was finally added which saves so much time in producing two meshes with the same animation on just to get a decent simulation.


Anyways, not trying to sell it lol, just thought this update was significant and could be the version that gets around all the issues I once faced in the pipeline.






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