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Hi everyone,


I was wondering what happens when you have multiple objects such as building, roof, window, doors etc. and when everything is unwrapped you merge/connect it together what happens to the UV's? Would that mess up everything or does it apply still according to the UV's of each element?

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It depends, take a look at this images:


If you arrange every UV on the center (for example) You will get a mess.


If you arrange the UV on a different position, you will get a "good merge".


Hope that helps


Good Luck 

UV Good.jpg

UV mess.jpg

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If you have them all as separate geometry with their own textures then merge them into one mesh you could have a polygon selection for what was each individual object.  This would keep the overlapping UVs from not messing anything up because the selection tag is saying to apply the texture to a specific selection.  If the selection tags were not there they would all be messed up.  There is also a way where it could all be baked down to a single texture, but all the geometry would have to be repacked so it didn't overlap and a new texture made so it would look the same.

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