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Have been working on recreating Saturn with no external plugins justs some edited 8k textures! 

No automatic alt text available.


However I'm wondering as to how I can create the blue atmosphere that disappears in shadow? Also, how to create the exposure effect that means the black back drop isn't actually black when this close the planet (I'm guessing this can be down w/o an external renderer and just by using the Physical camera settings?) 


As I'm trying to recreate the NASA CG images of Saturn (see below)




Image result for Cassini Probe


Any suggestions on how I can make it resemble NASA's more would be great! 


Thanks :) 

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  • 7 hours ago, HSrdelic said:

    Very nice work! I would guess that there is post work on the rendered image which you will also have to do to get that look :)

    As I would suspect. However a person I know was able to obtain this visual quality in blender without any post: https://www.deviantart.com/andromeda4482/art/Enterprise-E-One-last-ride-771410514?ga_submit_new=10%3A1541459147&fbclid=IwAR0pGk7pPfk2q2iMbtKeM7LaXB5s-_DNVPfbkRd1997Rr4WHEIIxtK2jTsk (I used their background and it inspired me to make something in C4D) 

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    Nice Work!


    Maybe this blueish-atmosphere-thingie is just a simple frontal projected gradiant that fades to black? Or maybe with Alpha? That should work...

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    To get the bluish glow, place a volumetric omni light at the center of the planet.  Turn off shadows, illumination, etc.  Color it blue and grow it get the atmospheric glow you are looking for.


    I used that method for this image below. 



    You are also going to want a Fresnel shader on the planets surface as well, tinted brown probably, to get the effect of atmospheric haze towards the horizon.



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