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Loop cut default is set to 2

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Is your number of loop cuts set to two? Mine is disabled and I haven't found how to enable it to test it. But check yours.




From the help document.


Number of Cuts [1..2147483647]

This setting defines the number of loop cuts. This can also be done interactively in the Viewport by clicking on an orange loop cut with the MMB and dragging horizontally.


Apparently, the number of cuts resets to 1 if you make a new cut, unless you have Reuse Cuts checked. Then if I make a loop cut, set Number of Cuts to 2 and check Reuse Cuts, I get 2 cuts every time I use the loop cut tool. Hope this helps.

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Deleting prefs fodlers worked. I tried the middle mouse button but it did not change the settings permanently. It makes sense if I hit it accidently and it chagned the setting somehow.
But yes the setting is greyed out when you have not clicked.

EDIT: OK, it seems that this issue is persistent in the file, when I create a new file it works as intended.


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1 minute ago, Igor said:

I don't remember pressing middle mouse key to do anything. You can set the numbers as default from Edit drop-down menu.

Does not help, in fact it seems to be worse, in new files it is now also 2 cuts, even after deleting preferences again :(

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