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Point Cache Tag VS PLA Animation

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As I understand it the Point Cache tag is for baking out deformers.  Baking is great if going to do a final render on a farm.  If sending something to a farm everything should be baked from particles, mograph, deformers, physics, etc.  Specifically the Point Cache tag would be extra good when a character animaiton is going to a farm.  The PLA can be done for any points of any object to be moved in anyway.  They don't need to be baked because they are keyframed which is the most solid animation can get.  As far as which is easier on the system they should be the same load wise on the processor point per point.  Technically the PLA would give the user more freedom to change transitions between each keyframe.  I don't know of a way to get the point cache to be made editable to keyframes.  If the Point Cache tag could be translated to keyframes a keyframe reducer could be run on them to make it lighter on the system.  More keyframes = more work on the computer.


The Point Cache tag instructions also talks about a Point Cache Deformer which I don't think exists so I always though it meant you could use additional deformers with the point cache, but I would like to know if someone knows if a Point Cache Deformer actually exists.


A quick video on the point cache tag.


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