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From T-shirt to XPresso

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I was watching Big Bang Theory on TV, and one of the guys had a T-shirt that looked a bit like a reflected audio volume display -




probably is something else, but I thought I'd have a stab at replicating it in C4D.


As per my usual methodology, I tried using mograph but couldn't get it to work - so I made the cloner editable. There's 400 cubes and frame count is set to modulo 400, referencing the objects sequentially in a sweep. Sound effector gives the Y size - for some reason it needed a field to get an output. Previous sweep gets overwritten (a bit like hospital machines). I chose a soundtrack that has some suitable guitar 'ching' to give something to look at - most pop is highly compressed.


It's not rocket science, but might interest someone learning XPresso.



R20 scene https://www.dropbox.com/s/odrff8qi6d7eyxn/vol5.zip?dl=1



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Ah cool, thanks for sharing the scene file! :)

You could also share it in Downloads section so it's not lost in topics. 

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  • @Havealot I'm sure you're correct, but I'm not all that good at mograph (read : world's worst). I initially tried using a cloner and accessing individual clones with formula effector id, but couldn't seem to make the values stick when moving to the next clone. I know it's a bit defeatist, but I usually find it easier to make a cloner editable and write some iteration in Python or XPresso.


    Re fields - I'm still trying to work out why this sound effector




    needs a field to work - even when there's nothing in the viewport.

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