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I've got several parametric objects in a cloner.  I want to keep them parametric.  Some of them are oriented the way I want and some are not.  For instance, suppose I've got asparagus and an apple under the cloner.  The apple is fine but the asparagus is lying flat when I want it to stand up.  Note that I want to transform the objects under the cloner in a way that reordering in the cloner still leaves both the apples and the asparagus in the proper orientation - i.e., I want to transform based on object under the cloner, not indices within the cloner output.  How can I reorient the ones I want and leave the others be? Some things that don't work:


1. Use the cloner's transform tab - this transforms everything.

2. Use Mograph selections on, for instance, the plain effector.  This changes based on indices rather than objects under the cloner and breaks if ordering is changed (i.e., go from iterative order to random).  Also, it's too hard to pick out ALL the asparagus if there are too many clones.

3. Turn the asparagus into an object and rotate the pivot.  This means it's no longer parametric.

4. Rotate the asparagus initially - Cloner ignores any initial orientation.


Surely there's a way to do this but I haven't seen it yet.

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  • 1 hour ago, Emir said:

    Try to uncheck "Fix Cloner" under the cloner object tab.



    Hope that helps.


    Good Luck


    Perfect!  Given my original question I think I could have looked a LONG time before realizing that this is the solution.  Thank goodness for the forums and people like yourself helping out!

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    You could also put your asparagus under a null and feed that into the cloner instead of the asparagus itself. That should give you the same control while keeping the other clones fixed. 

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