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Wall thickness when 3D printing

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I have model which I am going to 3D print. I wanted to know how the printer will print the model if say I gave the model 5 millimeters of wall thickness. 

Is the model going to be printed with the 5 millimeters of thickness I gave it or is the printer going to print it as a solid object regardless of the wall thickness?






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For 3D printing you always only define the volume that is printed by it's outer shell, a watertight mesh. The inside of this closed volume is handled by the slicing software. This means that Cinema 4D, and thereby you,  does not have any influence on the real wall thickness, only on the thickness of the object itself. If you leave an empty volume with an own surface inside of a volume it depends on how your slicing software interprets this, i would not recommend trying this though.


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