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Ideas about an advertisement?

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Hey guys. there is a project. they asked me to make a nice photo to put on city public buses to chill down crazy motor cycle drivers and prevent accidents. so maybe a clever 3d photo like this:


So i was thinking of maybe crash a motorcycle and a bus in c4d and get a good render of it? what do you think? please give me your ideas

Thanks ^^

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  • 33 minutes ago, HSrdelic said:

    Render a giant cop :P

    im sure its a good idea but they wont accept :)) anyway how do u think about making the scene of crash in c4d and parting the motorcycle? the final render will be nice for this purpose?  i have no idea if i should try this cause im kinda new to c4d :/


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    make a motorcycle dented into the bus chassis like the one with the sign and make the buses windows crashed  in form of a human silhouette. maybe some blood spatters if they're up for it (highly doubt it, but worth giving it a shot).

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