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Displacement being messed up!

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Hi all, 


Relative noob here, please pardon my ignorance!


I've got this island scene, and so far the island has three texture tags on it. 

Covering the whole island, there's a map color texture, with a displacement from a version of the map i modified in Photoshop that gives the impression of better detail, and roughens it up so it's a bit better-looking... 
On top of that tag, there's a road texture with color and alpha channels
On top of that tag, there's a similar tarmac texture with color and alpha channels.


...problem is that C4d seems to be using the second two layers in the displacement calculation too, so that the roads are rendering as a peaked ridge, and looks messy and low-poly to say the least! I'm just after the roads to be flat lines projected on the already-displaced map.


...Any idea why that's happening? Or what you'd have done instead? I've attached an annotated screenshot if that helps!




Island Roads Conundrum v2.jpg

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Hi and welcome

Can you upload that scene with the textures? If so, make sure you Save Project with Asset instead of using regular Save As. This will save all of your textures and keep it in the same place.

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Hi Igor, 


My scene was huge so i tried to make a simplified example and couldn't make it go wrong :angry: so have nothing to offer I'm afraid - I found a workaround for the problem but felt like it should have been easier!


(If anyone is interested I duplicated the geometry and stuck the un-displaced roads on the layer above.... clunky clunky!)



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