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Snapping and user work plane.

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Usually snapping to the work plane works well. 
But if you assign a custom work plane relative to an object in the scene or polygon, the snapping to points and lines of the work plane in orthogonal views stops working correctly.

You need to create any object in the scene.
Press C.
Select any polygon not perpendicular to world axes.
Apply the command Align Workplane to Selection
Enable snapping and activate the following items: Workplane Snap; Grid Point Snap; Grid line snap
Attempt to bind an object or a point to a working plane on any viewport except a perspective one. 

P.S I draw your attention to the fact that the snapping in the perspective viewport works, but does not work on orthogonal views when the working plane is changed. 

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Thanks for the report, something is not right here for sure. I will report this, thanks for your time and good repro steps which is always good to have. :)

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