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MAXON Prices - Give us your feedback!

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4 hours ago, Visionnext said:

I get a different feeling from plugin providers. They always said in the last 3 years that a new version of their plugin is required. Maybe this is just marketing though.

This was certainly the case for  Vray plugin as it had to have work on it every year in order for it to work in the next version of C4D, however in the case of Vray this makes no difference because a new key is also needed every year which we wont get anymore so our Vray is stuck on r20.   Getting a new key every year causes this issue. Iv had the same key for Zbrush since v2, shame this wasn't the case with C4D.

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9 hours ago, Visionnext said:

Maybe I didn't express myself correctly. I just mean that it should not be necessary to recompile or change the plugin every time a new release comes out.

Things will settle down after everything to do with the new core is rolled out.

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I like the 6 month short term options currently available, although maybe make ones available of 12 and 24 months as well


 - £150 per month for 12 months with option to buy perpetual for a fee (£750?) + maintenance. 

 - £150 per month for 24 months with option of perpetual at the end + maintenance. 12 months in allow users to upgrade a newer version for £1000.

 - £100 rolling monthly rental, no perpetual.


All prices inclusive of VAT of course :wackywink:


An extended rental is probably my route to upgrading from R15 rather than straight out full fee. I'm not in a big rush to do that just yet though.


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I switched form LW3D o C4D with release R14 I think. Had a good deal on Studio bundle and have paid the yearly MSA to stay current. The last few years I've done it but not massively benefited from the new features – apart from a bit of novelly interest and some fun tools. I can afford to pay the MSA, but it's getting tougher to justify as I'm not a professional artist – although I wish I could get some CG work.


Persanally I think the MSA is a a tad on the high side, but I loathe Adobe's rental system, so am okay with the current yearly upgrade. I will say that with the likes of Blender 2.8 now around, MAXON really has to put some effort into making the app better. It feels like it's falling behind in some areas, like display, handling of large datasets, rendering speed (not everyone wants a third-party renderer bolted on, although it now seems inevitable). But I do like C4D and am keen to see how it will evolve...

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First time for me, i bought this year R20 studio for 1 pc. Quite pricey and i havent followed the upgrade system yet, havent calculated what it will cost me next year. It seems to me, since im doing lots of "big" jobs, that c4d's cost is affordable (for 1 person that uses it professionally).
However, adding the cost of everything in order to stay in cg industry it turns out to be a lot of money for a small team like mine which is a 3-4 people office. Adding adobe cloud (which is the most essential suite for everyone), plus a lot of plugins to make c4d competitive to other 3d software, costs skyrocket each year.
So if it was just c4d covering all needs of production would be fine. But seeing the bigger picture when u wanna be in this industry, i feel that c4d should be priced differently eg as houdini is affordable to a much bigger user base. Since competition among software is tough and there is no "1 tool for the job", prices should be lower imo.

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  • 1 month later...

for hobbyists like C4D R19 Bodypaint version there should be Dynamics, Prorender and hair and toon yeah, leave out MoGraph as a PRO Feature - no issues with that (I think of something like the Unity 3D buying option if you can proof that you earn below a certain amount of money and that you are not a registered studio) and this as free upgrade for existing version users of the previous version (oh gee, yessss)

there is no real loss, in fact it drives more customers toward MAXON than away from it

not sure if there are actually many going away from C4D because of it, but hey it would mean new customers - be CREATIVE right... remember the announcement of Unreal Engine and then Unity - wow what a leap forward in the right direction, and NOBODY in the world thought this possible EVER and yet there it is FREE Unreal Engine and Unity3D to blow your mind for EVERYONE


my few cents

but I don't make the decisions at MAXON (thank goodness)


my setup is Bodypaint, Cycles4D, a lot of free plugins, Poser 11 that makes it a Prime Version on high heels "Rock'n'Roll"

I knew exactly what I can afford to pay with what MAXON has on offer and compared it with other software (a very close candidate was LightWave but modelling wise Cinema 4D all over it was a tough one to make this decision, trust me - somewhat I regret not buying LightWave but modelling in lightWave sucks badly)


I'm not at all unhappy with what I got and still get things done one way or the other

so in a sense, no moaning about the Prime Version and it came with offline USB installer and... I love that MAXON pen


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  • 1 month later...



I love Cinema, first of all, I must say.

I agree with @Fastbee when he says that sidefx has the best price system. It does. Three plataforms, different only in the backstage: the file system. For users there is no difference than in the apprendice final render.

Indie costs 400 euros for two years. 4000 euros for 20 years, if your revenue is under 100.000€, which is natural - if you work alone and you are starting a new live.

Of course you can buy the full version if you earn more than that. That is not the central point in this thread, I think.

Cinema starts to lose some terrain in some areas. Winning in the new fields system, for example. 

But, hey, Houdini has some great features, either. Water, smoke, explosions.... Those are missing areas in Cinema. Plugins shouldn't be an excuse, I think.

C4D has the best in its side: it's easier and Faster, more logical and more user friendly than the competition.

In my simple opinion, MAXON would only win with a new price strategy.


UV, particles, render engine, topology, animation, cloth, xpresso... Those areas should be revised.... or reformed completly.


MAXON is losing old clients, just reading this forum you,ll understand that, and losing new ones to blender 2.8 or other packages not so expensive.


As changing C4D struture is not an easy task, I think revising the pricing model should be a priority for commercial department.


Thanks for listening, I hope.


João Marco

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  • 1 month later...

I also believe C4D is way too expensive. As someone already said, arguably the most expensive. Even insanely expensive if you take into account the plugins needed to get the same features present in other applications.

Yes, C4D has a couple of somewhat unique features too (MoGraph being the most obvious one) but I don't think those make up for the missing and outdated features.


And for new users when comparing features, it really does not look good. I mean, even if they don't need , dunno, fluid simulations, why wouldn't they just go into an application that has them? It just looks like better value, and it probably is.


It's different for old users who are somewhat tied to the C4D workflow and hoped or keep hoping that it will catch up in the weak areas, but it turns out that also gets more and more irrelevant as instead it's the other applications that start to catch up with C4D's unique features.


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Which other application is cheaper than Cinema 4D? You can buy it as one-time purchase and use it whenever wherever you like.


Autodesk rental-only applications? You pay high subscription fees year after year for using it. Yes it has additional features like Fluid Sim or better Character animation tools out of the box but you'll never own a license.


Houdini? FX is more expensive and its annual upgrade plan is insane. Houdini Indie is nice but too complex for many use cases and has revenue restrictions.


Modo? Yes cheaper, but it uses online licensing. Great for modeling but lacks behind in many areas like animation or effects. Very few 3rd party plugins available.


LightWave? Yes cheaper but all its features are very limited and poor compared to C4D. Its split application, modeling, destructive workflow and UI are from last millennium even in the latest version. Many plugins available but most of them only cover missing base functionality and don't work well together. Viewport / OpenGL speed is disappointing.


Blender? Yes free and 2.80+ will finally offer better usability but very unstable yet in Beta and features are spread over several forks (Fracture or OpenVDB need their own fork for example). Nice goodies like Eevee but from my few excursions into Blender land I find many tools are not going as deep as Cinema's. Due to its open source licensing (to not include proprietary code), file exchange (for example via FBX) is not as robust as in other applications in my experience. There are some nice and low priced plugins available like FLIP Fluids or HardOps.


Cinema 4D's new core is now implemented and its first fruits look great (performance of Media Core, Modeling tools, Voronoi Fracture, Poly Reduction, LOD, OpenVDB tools or the new Node Editor for example). Which other application provides a great Motion Tracker or brilliant CAD import out of the box? I'm very much looking forward to R21 and its features as well as an improved Redshift integration.

I have licenses for several 3D applications but given Cinema 4D Studio's features, stability, workflow, ease-of-use, plugin architecture, available learning resources and 3rd party tools I find its price OK, including MSA and some (well in my case tons of) additional plugins and render engines.

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You can buy it as one-time purchase and use it whenever wherever you like.


Technically, yes.

In practice, if you upgrade every year, then not.

And if you want to stay up-to-date then you will update. If not every year, then you'll get penalized anyway for skipping years.

So, while I dislike subscription only licenses, in the end there might not be much a difference in terms of how much you pay.

This in case you don't intend to just buy it once and then never upgrade. In which case... well... I don't think this discussion applies to you.

But that's not the whole point. I'm saying it's expensive for the features it has and the need to complete it with 3rd party plugins in areas that are covered by other programs, no matter if you own the license or not.


But hey, I see people here saying that MAXON's profits are actually increasing so I'm probably very wrong and it's not considered expensive by most users.

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  • 4 months later...

I got the Broadcast edition some years back for half price when they had this deal where you could upgrade the Lite version that came bundled with Adobe to a full version. Paid the MSA for that until now which was very decently priced. And now I got a good deal with my Broadcast MSA price getting me the full version of R21 (since there is only one version). So until now, I can't complain about the pricing! But I don't know yet if I will get into the subscription. 3D is just a hobby for me and R21 already does so much I should be good for years just with R21 really. The subscription would be more expensive than the Broadcast MSA I used to have and I don't know if I want to spend that money on something I don't use all that much.

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