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Modelling license plate

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I'm trying to model a license plate. See in the attach an example. The goal is to have the same details in the text as the example.

I've tried already the collision deformer, but when you want some smooth result it's getting really slow.


Is there any other way with the tools in C4d?






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Displacement map will do a great job of that, experiment with different edge softness. Use the entered method and you will be able to punch up the main text and press down the rectangles and 63 in the corner. 16bit recommended.




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Yes, displacement will do the trick. I'm sure you can find many tutorials for using displacement to make a credit card. Same effect, just larger. Make sure to enable Sub-polygon Displacement and many times, you will need to increase the mesh density for fine details. All depends on how close your shot will be. Don't go crazy with perfection and detail if you won't get close to the plate, or if it's moving and/or blurred.


As a follow up, since your profile says you're using the demo, grab the R20 demo. I think the new Volume Mesher might be able to achieve this effect as well. I watched this video the other day and really shows of the power of these new tools.




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