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Do UVs need to be the same size?

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I have unwrapped my meshes ready for Substance Painter, and I would like to know if all the objects (these things in the pic are modelled separately) should have similar scale UVs, or if it is OK for them to be so different.




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Question is if objects with different UV scale will have own texture or whole object will be textured as one. But the rule is keep UV´s as much as posible evenly distributed, which avoid distortions in texture (for example text/image/brush line or whatever will be have different scaled on object with not even UV´s)


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If it matters or not depends on how you use them. If you want to use the same procedural material on all Objects the different scaling will likely pose problems and make them look different, though it should be easy to fix by just scaling the projection afterwards. If you use bitmaps to texture them you did exactly the right thing. The rule beuo mentioned about evenly sized UVs is for a single object.

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