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X-Particles: Preview Explosia in Octane

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Howdy. I'm trying to preview an explosion made from Explosia in Octane's Live Viewer and am having difficulties. 


My understanding is that in order to preview an explosion in Octane, you must:

  1. Create a xpCache Object.
  2. Change xpCache Object EFX Format to "OpenVDB" under it's attributes. 
  3. Choose "Build Cache," within xpCache object's attributes.  
  4. Create "Vdb Volume" object under Octane Live Viewer > Objects.
  5. Select Vdb Volume object, set end frame > first frame > "digits," to 6 (because, according to tutorial guy, that is what X-Particles uses). 
  6. With Vdb Volume object still selected, under it's attributes choose file > browse to first exported .vdb file in the exported sequence.  


What it is supposed to look like:



Mine is empty, though:




If it helps, I made a video doing this procedure:


Any ideas on how to make this explosion property display in the Octane Live Viewer? 



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