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Looking for a Floor Generator

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I am looking for a "floor generator" or a wood generator as I would like to call and use it. Like the one the 3Ds Max guys has ( https://www.cg-source.com/floorgenerator.php ), it works on any polygon selection (XYZ) and on selections with holes in it and does not extend outside the selection. And it also creates UVs for the boards with random shaders.
Is there anything out there that could help me in my search? I am willing to pay $XXX for this plugin if it works as good as the Max plugin.


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  • Hi,


    Yes, I have tested it. But that´s not what I am looking for. I think that one is perfect for interior visualisations and so on. But when you create a whole house with interior, exterior, with wooden deck, wood panel and roof (ye, we use a lot of wood in Sweden). This one is too cumbersome to work with.

    The Max one is so good beacuse you can block out your viz very fast, and then select polys and hit the plugin, and you can tweak the look of the boards in all directions and ways. Especially good that it clips (bools?) out areas outside the selection, and even makes holes for windows and doors (not selected polygons).


    This one is done that way (and this is not a piece I am very proud of so don´t look at the architecture too much):


    2017-02-16 14.08 1171.jpg

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