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MIXAMO won't rig without body. HELP

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Hey guys, 


I have a character that I want to rig using Mixamo but it won't do it, since my body and my head is the same object. It's basically a cube with a pair of cylinder legs and a pair of cylinder arms leaving the groin in the same position as the chin. Please see pic attached.


Is there any workaround to this? Maybe there is a way to download the animated skeleton and attach it to the object instead? I'm a total freshman in animation and rigging so please don't be harsh on me haha ;))


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That is not compatible with mixamo, it needs a torso.  For something as simple as that its easier to rig it yourself.  I trust you have multiple polygons along the limbs otherwise they wont bend?


Its a good idear to show the wires of your model when asking about rigging, and modelling.



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